The Wild Story of Our Ranch​

Welcome to the enchanting Wild Mustang Ranch, nestled in the heart of rural Lyons, South Georgia. Here, amidst the vast expanse of untamed wilderness, a remarkable sanctuary for wild Mustangs and burros has come to life, weaving together the beautiful tapestry of compassion, rescue, and hope. We stand as a bridge, connecting the gap between holding facilities and forever homes, forging a path of love and understanding for both our magnificent equine residents and the souls they touch.


In these sprawling 75 acres, we have crafted a haven where once-wild horses and burros find solace, healing, and a second chance at life. These resilient creatures, once roaming free in the untamed wilderness, now roam freely within the safe embrace of our sanctuary, allowing their spirit to run wild once more.


But the Wild Mustang Ranch is more than just a sanctuary for our four-legged friends; it is also a sanctuary for the human heart. Here, amidst the soft whinnies and gentle hoofbeats, we offer equine-assisted coaching – performance coaching, leadership training and team development – a unique and transformative experience where horses become the gentle guides on the path to self-discovery and personal growth. Our majestic equine companions possess an innate wisdom that reaches deep within the human soul, illuminating our strengths, unearthing our potential, and helping us find our way.


As the sun sets over the rolling plains, casting its golden glow on the landscape, the bond between horse and human strengthens, transcending barriers of language and species. Together, we learn the art of communication, not merely in words but in the unspoken language of trust, empathy, and mutual respect.


At Wild Mustang Ranch, our mission goes beyond the physical borders of this sanctuary. We strive to inspire a community of compassionate individuals who cherish these magnificent creatures and recognize the beauty of our shared journey on this earth. Through education, outreach, and advocacy, we aim to foster a world where every horse and human can thrive, united in a dance of harmony and understanding.



So, whether you are seeking the touch of a wild heart, a new beginning for a precious Mustang, or a profound connection with these awe-inspiring beings, the Wild Mustang Ranch welcomes you with open arms. Step into our world of grace, compassion, and renewal, where the spirits of horses and humans intertwine to create a symphony of hope and transformation. Together, let us rewrite the narrative of second chances and write a new chapter of boundless love and unity, hand in hoof, step by step, forever guided by the wild spirit that resides within us all.



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