Saturday on the ranch


Saturday on the ranch


Untamed & Untouched 

Meet a real wild mustang


From wild to mild

Meet the former wild ones; Feel the emotion and experience the trust between human and mustang. 

Hands-on experience | Listen and Learn

Step into the round pen and work first-hand with a wild mustang

Sandra Williamson

Rackettown Mustangs 

One of the best wild Mustang trainers worldwide. Sandra and her team have tamed more than 400 wild Mustangs the last 6 years and found them a good home in Europe.

Simone Banghard

Way Academy

Master Equus Facilitator and Business Coach. She believes in the immense wisdom of horses. Being with horses provides chances to communicate with clarity and confidence.

Wolfgang Skrobanek

Way Academy

Equus Facilitator and Business Coach. Proud owner of several mustangs in the USA. Taming wild mustangs is one of his passions.

Sandra Williamson

Rackettown Mustangs 

One of the best wild Mustang trainers worldwide. Sandra and her team have tamed more than 400 wild Mustangs the last 6 years and found them a good home in Europe.

Facilitated by The Wild Mustang Team

Our team of professionals combine the knowledge and experience of taming wild mustangs with the ability to connect humans on a deep and personal level with these one-of-a-kind animals.

What our Clients have to say

Brad and I were truly impressed by the beauty and grace of your majestic mustangs, and it was an incredible learning experience for us to see firsthand the work that you do to preserve and protect these magnificent animals. Your dedication is truly inspiring, and we feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to witness your expertise and passion firsthand.

We truly appreciate your graciousness in extending your hospitality to us and for taking the time to share your knowledge and insights with us. It was an unforgettable experience that we will cherish for years to come.
Thank you again for your kind hospitality, and we look forward to the opportunity to visit again soon.

Kevin Bryant

I was fortunate enough to spend last Saturday at the Wild Mustang Ranch. The connection I felt to one of the horses pictured here was so special. Thank you for this awesome experience; I hope to return soon to spend some more time with Katie and the rest of the beautiful horses at WMR.

Thyra Burakowski

The experience of a one-on-one session with a wild mustang is incredible. The mustangs are beautiful, curious, and kind creatures. The way they respond to our movements and energy is refreshing and revealing. Mustangs teach us how to be better to ourselves and to others. Definitely recommend signing up for one of the various sessions if you can. Would make for a very unique and worthwhile company retreat, or just a fun Saturday with friends!

Alan Fowler

I had the experience of a lifetime! For the first time, I experienced a one-on-one session with a mustang. It was soul lifting to be in the round pen with a Wild Mustang. I cried as this animal connected with me and brought out emotions from deep inside. I know they are going to help so many people as well as the mustangs here. Sandra is an amazing teacher, and you can feel all her love for the mustangs. This place is truly incredible, and I highly recommend signing up for one of the clinics or a Saturday on the Ranch.

Shanna Stephens

I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday on the Ranch and found it to be an amazing experience. I have been a horse lover my whole life but had limited exposure to horses the past several years. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. One of my wishes was to get to spend some quality time with rescues or wild horses. The Wild Mustang Ranch met those needs and more. My day on the ranch was meaningful, I learned a ton and I had the most amazing time getting to know Black Beauty, a new wild mustang at the ranch. I highly recommend visiting the ranch for a day or a workshop. It helped me in so many ways, including taking a different perspective on life’s hurdles. Special thanks to Sandra for helping to make my visit extra special and for helping me regain some confidence. I highly recommend the Wild Mustang Ranch and hope to return again soon. 

Jessica Saban

$150 per person 

Only 8 spots available


560 C Swick Circle | Lyons, GA 30436


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