Out of Wyoming
Stewart Creek

Born Aprox. 08.01.2020 Gender Mare
Tag # 4882 Size 136 cm
Color Capture Date 10.15.2020

About Lilly

Lilly is our sunshine!


Lilly is an adorable little mare with a deep affection for people. She loves the attention she receives. Your presence is a true gift because she embodies everything you could want in a Mustang: not just delightful to look at, but also a prime example of a great character.


Her coat color is extraordinary and attracts attention – she’s a real eye-catcher. But Lilly’s beauty goes beyond her appearance. She’s so sweet and easy to deal with that anyone, young or old, can get along with her. She shows remarkable patience and gentleness, making her an ideal horse for children and young people.


Lilly’s character is characterized by a lovable charisma and unparalleled gentleness. She is a horse that not only brings joy, but also conveys trust and security. Her easy handling and sweet nature make her a perfect companion for young riders taking their first steps in the world of horses. Lilly isn’t just a Mustang; she’s a loyal friend who will steal your heart.

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