Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Out of Wyoming
Divide Basin

Born Aprox. 01.01.2020 Gender Mare
Tag # 3181 Size 148 cm
Color Black Capture Date 10.22.2021

About black beauty

Black Beauty is still a diamond in the rough!


She is characterized by a remarkable curiosity, striving to expand her knowledge and skills. This quality is particularly valuable because it shows a great willingness to learn. Black Beauty’s curiosity also suggests openness to new experiences and challenges. She approaches every new exercise or task with an attentive and interested look.


When dealing with Black Beauty, it becomes clear immediately that she is a horse that is not only physically strong but also mentally sharp. Her curiosity drives her to constantly learn and improve, and her compact stature gives her the necessary agility to successfully implement these learning processes. Black Beauty is therefore a horse that impresses not just for her external appearance, but above all by her enthusiasm and her willingness to learn.


Best suited for experienced riders.

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