Out of Colorado
Sand Wash Basin

Born Aprox. 01.01.2017 Gender Mare
Tag # 8950 Size 146 cm
Color Apple Mold Capture Date 09.05.21

About Heidi

Heidi is a diamond in the rough – full of potential and beauty just waiting to be discovered. As a mustang, she brings a wild and untamed nature with her, while also revealing a deeper level of sensitivity. Her beauty isn’t just external; it’s also reflected in her sensitive nature.


Heidi needs more time than other horses to adapt and gain confidence. She needs a calm, patient, and empathetic person. This is the only way she can develop at her own pace and reach her full potential. Her sensitivity makes her a special animal who pays attention to subtleties in communication and responds with attentiveness in dealings.


One of her outstanding characteristics is her love of movement. Heidi shows a natural joy and lightness in her movements, which not only makes her beautiful to look at but also reflects her joy of life and energy. She’s a horse who, in the right place, environment, and with the right companion, can grow into a true jewel – not just through her beauty, but also through a deep connection and harmony with people.


Suitable for experienced riders.

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