Out of Utah
Ranch Creek

Born Aprox. 01.01.2017 Gender Gelding
Tag # 4994 Size 144 cm
Color Black Capture Date 07.05.2020

About time

Time was freed from the so-called “kill pen” in a rescue operation by an organization. The exact circumstances of his past and what he went through remain unknown to us. Despite this potentially difficult past, Time has retained an impressive composure and calmness that characterizes him in every aspect of his existence.


In his training, Time reveals great motivation and calmness. He shows deep self-confidence and a fearlessness not often found in horses from similar backgrounds. His ability to face new challenges, like meeting someone new, is a testament to his exceptional character. Time approaches each new lesson or environment with remarkable calm and concentration. These character traits make Time a truly unique animal.


His calm nature, coupled with his superior performance in training, self-confidence, and fearlessness, represents a rare gem. Time not only can train well but also has an inspiring effect on the people around him. He is a living example that despite an unknown and possibly tragic past, with patience, care, and understanding, extraordinary progress and development are possible.

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