Out of Oregon
South Steens

Born Aprox. 01.01.2020 Gender Gelding
Tag # 5872 Size 155 cm
Color Sorrel Capture Date 09.28.2020

About Champ

Champ is a true gem!


He is an exceptionally motivated Mustang with great enthusiasm for work. Champ is always open to new challenges and enjoys movement. He has a good foundation in basic training.


Champ demonstrates exemplary behavior when being groomed and remains calm and cooperative during farrier visits. When loading into the trailer, he shows composure and trust, making the transportation process much easier. He also walks calmly when led by hand.


Characterized by his discipline and attentiveness, Champ can be easily controlled and always responds to his leader’s instructions. He’s already used to groundwork, wearing a saddle, and carrying a pad, making him a reliable partner.


Because of his even temperament and willingness to learn, Champ is ideal for beginners. Champ is ready to move into his new home and continue developing his skills.

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