Out of Utah
Ranch Creek

Born Aprox. 01.01.2020 Gender Mare
Tag # 6235 Size 147 cm
Color Black Capture Date 07.19.2020

About teller

Teller was rescued from a “kill pen” by an organization and found his way to our ranch. The exact circumstances of his past and what he went through remain unknown.


Teller, a gelding, is like a diamond in the rough, waiting to reveal his hidden facets. He’s an intelligent animal, but currently displays a deep distrust of people. Even so, you can see a trace of curiosity in his behavior. He seems to have a desire to connect with people, but something is still holding him back. This cautious interest makes him a uniquely interesting horse who deserves a chance to develop his trust in humans.


With the right care and patience, Teller could overcome his initial reluctance and become a valuable and loyal companion. The journey with Teller may be challenging, but it also promises to be a rewarding one, filled with the discovery of his hidden qualities and talents.

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