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WMR Equine-Assisted Golf Performance Coaching is designed to assist competitive golfers in maximizing their potential by breaking though certain mental barriers in order to achieve sustained, peak performance. This uniquely effective training involves working alongside horses, feeding off their evolutionary intuition to recognize human behavior and emotions, delivering cutting-edge coaching techniques that are transferrable to competitive environments. WMR Performance Coaching is a dynamic blend of both psychological and somatic training, ensuring reliable, balanced improvement. 


Identify and overcome internal barriers to maximize your potential

Competitive Confidence

Overcome performance anxiety while working in equine assisted coaching exercises

Clear Thinking

Optimize decision-making and course management under pressure

Somatic Exercises

Employ breathing and visualization techniques that mimic the mental and physical stressors of tournament golf

Peak Performance

Find your physical and emotional equilibrium for sustained peak performance

Victorious Mentality

Determine your optimal path for success with process focused goals supported by action

Maximize Your Potential

Harness horse insights for peak performance

A Unique Partnership

Elevate your mental game with a horse-player dynamic

Master Your Mental Game

Improve focus and mental agility in golf with equine feedback

Become an Expert in Self-Awareness 


There is perhaps no more mentally exhausting sport than competitive golf. Tournament Golf demands heightened focus and attention for long hours and across multiple rounds, often without much break from week to week. Finding the optimal balance between rest and activity – both mentally and physically – is an intricate process. Golfers must become experts in self-awareness in order to perform at the highest level, being aware of the thoughts and actions that hinder us as well as knowing the attributes which propel us. 


Because tournament golf is such a mentally demanding sport, our coaching program helps you to uncover the inner obstacles that might be hindering your progress. Through guided exercises and interactions with horses, you’ll gain insight into your thought processes, decision-making under pressure, and course management skills.


Harness the Power of Perception


Unfortunately, as humans, we often struggle to accurately perceive ourselves …Horses, however, are experts in perception. With their keen perception honed over millions of years, horses have much to teach us about self-awareness and communication. Our program pairs you with these majestic creatures to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. By identifying patterns and tendencies, you’ll work with our experienced coaches to refine your attributes and elevate your on-course performance.


Over countless eons, horses have honed their ability to sense even the subtlest nuances of their surroundings. As creatures of flight, this keen perception has been their lifeline for an astonishing span of 50+ million years, ensuring their survival against all odds. It is this remarkable gift of perception that makes the power of equine-assisted coaching so profound, as the horses recognize the tiny details about us which otherwise, we would’ve been unaware of. Working with these magnificent beings is both informative and a privilege, and leads to growth for both human and horse.


A Unique Approach to Excellence


In the realm of WMR Golf Performance Coaching, golfers are granted a unique opportunity. They stand side by side with horses, engaging in a symphony of interactions and exercises that unveil hidden tendencies, intricate patterns, and both the positive and negative facets of their individuality. Once revealed, WMR Coaches work with the golfer to adapt these traits in order to improve their performance on the course. This process, akin to a revelation, opens a gateway for growth, providing tools for enhancing their prowess on the course.


WMR Golf Performance Coaching involves a variety of sessions that provide holistic, somatic feedback brought out by working with the horses. Whether you’re surrounded by a Wild American Mustang Herd in the pasture or engaging one-on-one in the round pen, our coaching will enhance your focus, reduce performance anxiety, and empower you with visualization and breathing techniques that transfer into competitive environments. 


Throughout our performance coaching, golfers will learn to improve their focus and concentration, reduce self-doubt and performance anxiety, and learn to channel nervous energy into positive outlets. They will acquire proven visualization and breathing techniques and get to employ these techniques while working with horses in a situation that simulates the physical and psychological stresses of a tournament. Improved problem-solving skills, self-motivation, resilience and adaptability are all important areas of focus, as is the development of goals that match the golfer’s journey. Each golfer is unique, requiring different strategies and techniques to achieve their purpose. 


Your Journey to Excellence Begins Here


We here at WMR are committed to your success, just as the horses and the WMR coaches are attuned to your individual needs. Together, we’ll tap into your untapped potential and propel you towards your highest performance level. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a rising star, our coaching is designed to elevate your game. The key to unlock your golfing potential might not be found on the course…but on the ranch. 

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