Leadership Training

Discovering Authentic Leadership Through Equine Partnership

The best leaders are the best version of themselves. Work alongside horses and benefit from their evolutionary instincts in perception, learning to recognize your own traits, patterns and tendencies in order to optimize yourself and your leadership style. Horses can detect even the subtlest details in the environment around them, which is what has allowed them to survive as flight animals for over 50 million years. WMR Leadership Coaching taps into this rare power in order to unveil hidden potential for individuals and those they influence. 

Work Alongside

Work Alongside one of nature’s best and longest known leaders

Harness the Power

Harness The Power of horses to become the best version of yourself

Motivate Others

Motivate Others through authenticity, reciprocity, and effective communication

Sharpen Awareness

Sharpen Awareness to improve the performance, decision-making and lives of those around you

Calling All Leaders

Calling All Leaders : Available to persons of any experience, no prior horse experience required

Customized Programs

Customized Programs : Tailored to accommodate groups sizes of up to 8 persons; rates vary according to specific program

To Lead Others, We Must Begin With Ourselves

The ancient Socratic Doctrine urges us to “Know Thyself,” a timeless wisdom that forms the cornerstone of effective leadership. Knowing oneself gives us the ability to effectively lead others with authenticity, reciprocity, and vigor. Yet, in the modern era, the quest to understand ourselves is more challenging than ever before. The ceaseless demands on our time and energy have spun us in countless directions, making self-discovery elusive. Leaders in today’s day and age face the unique battle of being expected to bring out the best in others while neglecting their own growth due to time constraints and guidance shortages. The irony is that we, as leaders and individuals, remain largely unaware of our own identities.


Harnessing Equine Wisdom: A Transformational Solution


Fortunately, we here at WMR have our four-legged allies who are ready to help. The WMR Leadership Training taps into the innate bond between human and horse and allows both to grow together. Horses have evolved over millions of years to become masters of perception, attuned to the finest nuances for survival. Whether it’s sensing a distant rustling in the leaves or detecting a person’s increased heart rate, perspiration, or energy shift, horses excel at reading the unspoken cues. What is also fortunate for us humans is that horses are very honest creatures, so when they perceive these various changes, they immediately respond to it and mirror it. We humans can use this mirrored feedback to become more aware of ourselves and how others might perceive us, both consciously and subconsciously. Understanding how we come across in given scenarios or with various people is a must for anyone who wants to be an effective leader. 


A Journey of Self-Discovery: Unveiling Leadership Potential


WMR Leadership Coaching constructs a holistic path towards recognition and growth. In a range of exercises, participants engage with horses in diverse settings. These exercises might include interacting with a herd of Mustangs in a serene pasture or engaging in one-on-one sessions with Mustangs of varying temperaments within a round pen. Each interaction offers insights into our comfort zones and the image we project. The horses’ candid feedback paints a vivid picture of their perception of us, an invaluable gift. Armed with this newfound understanding, we can employ tailored techniques and training to refine our leadership capabilities. One of the most intriguing aspects of Equus Coaching lies in its somatic nature, making the experience even more profound and lasting. The lessons gleaned beside these majestic creatures seamlessly translate to leadership scenarios in boardrooms, classrooms, offices, and beyond.

The Power of Equine Partnership: A Catalyst for Leadership Excellence


What sets WMR Leadership Training apart is the remarkable power of horses. A partnership emerges, where our efforts to assist the horses are reciprocated as they help us evolve into superior leaders and individuals. We are indeed fortunate to have these four-legged allies ready and willing to collaborate, enriching our personal and professional journeys. WMR Equus Coaching caters to individuals and groups, accommodating up to eight participants in a given session. Flexibility reigns as sessions can be tailored to specific dates, times, content, and other unique needs. To embark on this transformative journey or schedule your session, do not hesitate to contact us.

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