First-hand reflection of the clinic weekend

Simone Banghard, Wolfgang Skrobanek, and Sandra Williamson are consummate professionals. Their Coaching and Equine skills are masterful. Their individual knowledge, passion, and authenticity combine seamlessly. They are skilled at meeting each participant where they are. They extend patience and kindness to all participants. Their horses are amazing: their ability to mirror my deepest essence is a profound gift. I left this clinic with keen self-awareness, growth, and feelings of empowerment. 

In addition, Simone, Wolfgang, and Sandra are the most gracious and generous hosts! The first evening was fun and relaxing. They set a tone of comfort – physical, emotional, and mental – that was consistent throughout the clinic. Their attention to detail was impressive. I walked away after the initial “Meet & Greet” excited about the weekend. 


At the very beginning they said “we are here for you 100%.” The impact of that commitment created a secure environment for me to ask for what I wanted, even as that changed over the course of the weekend. Their thoughtful attention allowed me to be curious about my feelings and to get more honest with myself. I felt validated by the unconditional support and high regard I received from the humans and horses during the weekend. 


My time with the horses was powerful beyond description. They saw me more clearly than I saw myself. And they gently revealed only that which was beneficial to me in the moment. Without my plan or intention, the horses showed me long held pain I thought had been resolved. I experienced a deep release of sadness over a loss involving family members, coming to the other side feeling both strong and grounded. I now carry a sense of completeness regarding the relationships. My system feels free in a way I’ve not felt in decades. I am more open and happier. What a gift! 


Connecting with a Wild Mustang was a magical experience. Under Sandra’s wise guidance, I learned how to gain trust with an animal who has not been trained by humans. The moment that beautiful horse touched my hand was nothing less than a spiritual connection! It was a precious connection.

The clinic was a sacred space where major transformation occurred. The call to be 100% present with myself – authentic 100% all of the time – took courage and strength. Simone and Wolfgang coached me in both somatic and cognitive ways, and always in full support of my forward movement. Their support for my own process allowed the release of long-held emotional blocks in my nervous system. Which then allowed me to think more clearly about what I need to change in my life.  And this awareness continues after the clinic. 

I noticed the impact of my experiences immediately. At the rest stop on my drive home, I was struck by the coolness of a breeze on my cheek and the vivid colors of the Dogwood trees. This sensory ALIVENESS continues. At my Pilates session, I noticed how embodied I felt and that with each exercise, I could feel my body fully integrated. I now have the ability to be with whatever arises with self-love and compassion in a way that feels more easeful. This allows me to make decisions that are truly in my best interest. I have a newfound clarity and confidence in many areas of my life. 


If you have the slightest curiosity about this clinic, I recommend you sign up immediately. As someone who has attended many workshops, clinics, and trainings, I promise your experience at the Wild Mustang Ranch clinic will change your life!


Jessica Kasinoff – LCSW, SEP

April 6, 2023


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