Out of Colorado
Sand Wash Basin

Born Aprox. 01.01.2017 Gender Gelding
Tag # 8520 Size 146 cm
Color Bay Roan Capture Date 09.04.2021

About Halo

Halo is a true gem, an absolute visual stunner!


The color of his coat varies greatly from summer to winter. Beyond his impressive appearance, Halo also impresses with his people-oriented character. Curious and easygoing, he excels in his unsurpassed quietness and easy handling. He’s extremely open-minded, and trustworthy, and already shows remarkable composure.


Halo is searching for a loving home with warm people. His intelligence and curiosity make him an extremely open-minded companion. Halo loves cuddles and thrives with full attention. In a supportive environment, he will develop his full potential. He looks forward to meeting people with patience and dedication, ready to work together and experience a wonderful journey of connection and friendship. Halo is ready for a new chapter in his life and can’t wait to conquer your heart.

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