Sharing the Spirit Of Wild American Mustangs with the Next Generation

Welcoming Students From Toombs County Middle to WMR

“Whoa they’re free!”

That’s what you hear being shouted by one of the Toombs County Middle School FFA Students as we released the Okeechobee 8 out into the pasture. Yes, yes they are free.

It was amazing having the kids out on the ranch to learn about Wild American Mustangs, their history in America, their current state, and what we are doing here at WMR to improve their future while also preserving their history. In addition to learning about the mustangs, the kids got to actually meet and connect with them! For some it was their first experience being around any horses, let alone wild horses. At the start of the day, some of the students were afraid of horses but by the end of the day those fears were gone, replaced with affection. 

We must send 1,000 thank you’s to the teachers and staff who helped organize the student trip: Beth Galloway, Ms. Zerwig, Mrs. Kasey Jackson. Great teachers lead to great students, and that was very evident last week. The kids were incredibly attentive, interested and kind. They absorbed everything we said with smiles on their faces. Seeing the changes from when they got off the bus – special thanks to bus driver Randy Usher – to when they left was magical. Each student had their own fears, excitements and intrigue, and we let these individual traits guide their experience throughout the day. Some students overcame their fear of horses, some got their first touch from a wild mustang, some even were brave enough to ride Blue – our teaching horse…and all of them developed their own unique connection with the horses and the ranch. 

The joy of the day alone was enough to warm our souls for an eternity, but when we received the following testimonials from the teachers, our hearts which were already full began to overflow.





“The experience at Wild Mustang Ranch was amazing for myself and the 8th grade students. Many of the students had a fear of the horses when we first arrived. Sandra made everyone feel welcome as she explained about the Mustang Ranch. She and her staff took the kids out to the pasture to pet horses and make a connection with the animals. Before we left, almost every student rode a horse. Sandra’s daughter Michelle helped with the riding and with encouraging the students. A wonderful experience that will never be forgotten. I can’t wait to take more students for a visit.”


Beth Galloway, Toombs County Middle School Teacher 





“Visiting Wild Mustang Ranch was an experience in and of itself. Mrs. Sandra and her family opened their homestead to a group of 30+ students to educate and inform us on where these mustangs come from and why Mrs. Sandra does what she does. We not only got to go into the pasture with these beautiful creatures, but also got to ride one as well! If you are looking for something different and a neat experience, I highly recommend going out to Wild Mustang Ranch!”


Abigail Zerwig, Student Teacher from ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College)




This was our first student visit on the ranch but it certainly won’t be our last. We cannot wait to share our work here at WMR with many more eager students from the area and beyond, as well as inviting the Toombs County Middle School students back out anytime they want! If you know of any schools, teachers or students that would be interested in visiting WMR, please do not hesitate to share our information or reach out to us and let us know. Kids are always our future, and being able to teach them about Wild American Mustangs means a better future for both. 

It was an unforgettable day for us, for the teachers, for the students, and for the horses. The experiences and the connections formed are sure to remain with us for as long as the wind still breathes. Thank you again to Beth Galloway, Ms. Zerwig, Mrs. Kasey Jackson, Randy Usher and all of the students from Toombs County Middle…we will see y’all again at Wild Mustang Ranch very soon!

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