The Journey of Penn & Teller

From Kill Pen to Wild Mustang Ranch

In mid-July, just a few days after we arrived back at the ranch from our travels to the Bureau of Land Management auction event in Perry, GA, we got a text from a friend saying that there were two mustangs who were in dire need of help. Penn & Teller are two beautiful mustangs that unfortunately ended up in a kill pen in Oklahoma and were expected to be shipped out in the coming days. As you all know, there is no worse fate for a captured mustang than to end up in a kill pen.  The physical and emotional trauma that these two beautiful horses were going through is incomprehensible. Their outlook was very bleak.


Having just adopted four new mustangs and five new burros (our Perry 9), we were very limited in available space to take in new horses.  But we understood the weight of the situation, and vowed to do what we could to make sure the story of these two mustangs would soon find happier chapters. Prepping for their potential arrival required a lot of leg work, especially as we were also trying to get the newly arrived Perry 9 settled. As a team, we were able to make the necessary accommodations, but there was still a lot that needed to happen prior to getting Penn & Teller out of the kill pen and onto the ranch. 


Over the course of just two weeks, we collaborated closely with Jill Robertson-Fuoco, an immensely dedicated advocate for Wild Horses and Burros. Our collective efforts were aimed at raising funds to cover the bail and transportation expenses for Penn & Teller.


For more in-depth insights into Jill and her steadfast commitment to rescuing wild horses and burros, explore her journey and the remarkable endeavors she undertakes to create a positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable creatures in need.


You can also connect with Jill Robertson-Fuoco on Facebook through the following link:

Amazingly, with the support of Jill and a wonderful list of donors from near and far, we were able to bring in the required amount. However, the work was not over. Getting Penn & Teller from Oklahoma to Georgia was not to be without stress; a long journey for two mustangs already worn down from many months in various holding facilities. Two mustangs born into the freedom of life in the wild, having ended up in a place that would have them be killed for cash, now freed, but still having to make the thousand-mile trek across the south in Summer…we did not rest until they safely arrived here in Lyons, GA. 


After a frantic few weeks, Penn & Teller finally arrived at Wild Mustang Ranch. Seeing the truck pull up the dirt road towards the arena brought butterflies to us all. It is a wonder what the other horses on our ranch must’ve been feeling- recognizing that sort of trailer, knowing that two of their own were inside. The relief of watching the trailer doors open and seeing these two majestic creatures emerge was a soul-expanding experience. Their pain was palpable, but they were in surprisingly good shape when they arrived, a testament to their resilience, strength, and hope. We knew it would be a long process to get these two settled in, but we were and are prepared for what lies ahead. 


Penn and Teller have only been on the ranch for a few weeks, yet the transformation is already evident as the weight begins to lift from their weary shoulders. They have been in quarantine for 30 days, and now the time has cone to set them free and let them roam in the pasture. When we released them and watched them run freely across the open pastures for the first time,  the moment was filled with heartfelt emotions and an overwhelming sense of joy that words can hardly capture. It must have seemed like an eternity to Penn and Teller, but their newfound freedom brought indescribable happiness to all our hearts – Mustangs and humans alike.


Penn & Teller are still rightfully unsure of us humans. It will take time to regain their trust, and we remain patient throughout, giving them as long as they need to recover from their wounds. 


Wild Mustang Ranch is first and foremost a sanctuary for horses like Penn & Teller. However long it takes them to build the certainty that they are now in a safe space, we will be there in support. Since they are still in the covered arena, we have been able to spend some quality time in there with them. Although they are hesitant, there has been drastic improvements in their demeanor. Each day that they let us get a little bit closer to them and sometimes we catch them observing us working with the other mustangs…these little moments are confirmation that the foundations of trust are being laid. 


Penn & Teller’s story has taken many turns in their young lives. Although we regret the pain they have experienced, we are happy that their future will be different from their past. Thank you so much to Jill and all the wonderful donors/supporters who helped to re-write this story; with the care and support from people like you all, we can ensure better futures for many more mustangs and burros who will find themselves in situations like that of Penn & Teller. These are beautiful animals, with so much to give and share…they deserve our voices, our actions, and our loving care. 


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With unwavering dedication

Your compassionate WMR Team ❤️


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