9 is the Perfect Number

Meet Our New Mustangs & Burros

We had the privilege of attending the Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) Auction Event in Perry, GA on July 19th – 20th.. The BLM invited us so that we might provide some demonstrations for attendants of the event to learn/observe how we work with the mustangs. Over the course of 2 days, we met some wonderful and caring people, and we worked closely with several horses that were up for adoption at the event. Of course, we fell in love with all the animals. 


It was not our intention to return to the Ranch with any new mustangs or burros, but intentions are not the measurement of living. As you see in the video, FOUR MUSTANGS & FIVE BURROS returned with us to Lyons, GA, where they have settled in perfectly to life on the ranch. We call this group the “Perry 9”. 


No Longer Just A Number 


These mustangs and burros are uniquely special, showing a rare calmness and curiosity around us humans( not unlike the Okeechobee 8). Amazingly, Wolle removed the neck tag on the Crulla within one week of being on the ranch. She is a super special horse and her and Wolle developed a very strong bond in just a couple of days. As you know, when we remove the neck tag, the horse is no longer just a number… 


Mustang #1318 is now “Rachel”.

Rachel is certainly the leader of the Perry 9 mustangs, and we have already begun working with her. The other 3 mustangs are still getting comfortable with us humans, and we have no need to rush them in their journey. Although we haven’t spent too much one-on-one time with these other 3 horses, it has been good for the soul to watch all four horses running free in the pasture, enjoying their newfound freedom. Like so many horses adopted from auction events, they spent many months confined in holding pens, traveling in trailers, and having very little room for movement. Now they have wide open greenery, good food, great care and an altogether loving environment where they can learn to rebuild their trust in humans and in the future. 


Burros Make Everyday Brighter 


As mentioned, it wasn’t just mustangs that returned home with us from Perry. The five burros are the SWEETEST creatures we have ever met! In just a few weeks, they have developed an unshakeable bond with us here on the ranch. There is a softness in their eyes that seems to match the generosity of their souls, and we can’t help but love them and spoil them. They follow us everywhere, constantly checking in to see what we’re up to or hoping a treat might fall out of our pocket. They are very quick learners and make for all-around perfect companions to us and the horses. Being so lovable, and curious, it didn’t take long for us to be able to remove their neck tags and give them names. You can see all five of them in the video with Sandra below, and we encourage you to find a day to come Visit The Ranch (link) so that you can meet these darling donkeys in person!

Help Us to Help More Horses & Burros 


We wish we could take in all the horses and burros looking for homes, and the more help we get from you, the more we can help these wonderful animals. By attending our clinics, training, events, equine-coaching, you are directly helping the future of Wild Mustangs & Burros in this country. 


We also have options for donations, membership and sponsorships. Any involvement is greatly appreciated, and we hope you will join us in whatever capacity possible to improve the futures of many many mustangs and burros.  


Also, many of the Mustangs that we adopt can be purchased once they’ve been trained and tamed, so if you or anyone you know is interested in owning a Wild Mustang, please reach out to us for more info! 


We get very attached to these animals no matter how long they are with us on the ranch, but it fills us with joy to see mustangs and burros that leave the ranch to make their new life at a wonderful forever home. 


Perhaps your home will be the forever home for one or more of the Perry 9.


We hope you enjoyed the news on our „Perry 9 Mustangs and Burros“! We will be posting plenty more about this group on our social media pages in the coming months as we continue to work with them. 


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For those who will be attending any of our training and clinics in the Fall, there is a good chance that you will get to work with these very mustangs, so it’s nice to get to know them now!


Thank you all so much for your support and for sharing the work of WMR 

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